Advantages and applications of Prudêncio’s metal roofing rehabilitation system – the Deck System



This metal roofing rehabilitation system is one of the most versatile options in the construction industry. Besides having a number of benefits, such as durability and resistance to weathering, it presents a significant lightness that doesn’t compromise the structures.


This is one of Prudêncio’s main areas of work, whose applied system can be compared to the Deck System of a new construction project, being composed of a sheet metal support and thermal insulation plates, and finished with a waterproofing system.


If you would like to know more about metal roofing and this rehabilitation system applied by Prudêncio, keep reading this article and get to know some of our projects.



Prudêncio's work at Caetano Baviera - BMW de Cascais
Prudêncio’s work at Caetano Baviera – BMW de Cascais


Weaknesses of metal sheet or sandwich panel coverings

Sheet metal or sandwich panel roofing, although often used, have its weaknesses and shortcomings.


When selecting the roof for your project, take these possible problems into consideration:


  • Lack of efficiency, for example, in the finishing of walls, peaks, skylights and chimneys;
  • Discontinuity in the gutters and other finishes, which cause flooding in case of clogging and water ingress on windy days and higher rainfall index;
  • Bad application practices, such as the inadequate and abusive use of silicones, placing fixings in the lower waves of the panels, and poorly executed finishing resulting from the difficulty in handling the sheet, can cause infiltration problems in the short term;
  • Corrosion often appears sooner than expected, both in the covering plates and in the cutting areas, the trim and the fixings.

So, and as an alternative to these covers, we propose Prudêncio’s Deck roofing system, which, when used in rehabilitation, allows you to perform the work without having to interrupt your business or activity.



Prudêncio's work - Before and After the rehabilitation works at Pingo Doce de Monção
Prudêncio’s work – Before and After the rehabilitation works at Pingo Doce de Monção



What is a Deck roof?

The Deck roofing system, applied by Prudêncio both in new works and in the rehabilitation of any type of metal roofing, is based on a profiled metal plate, fixed on a resistant support structure. These constitute the support for the coating solution, composed of thermal insulation and waterproofing system.


In the scope of metal roofing rehabilitation, this is the constructive solution of choice if you are looking for efficiency, speed and structural lightening


Besides the fact that the insulation panels themselves can ensure the regulatory requirements and comfort in the thermal insulation of buildings, there are a number of advantages inherent to this system:


  • Because it is a continuous system, it guarantees the annulment of thermal bridges and total watertightness, both due to the solution of continuity in all the existing elements of the roof and due to the quality of Köster’s thermal insulation and TPO waterproofing membranes;
  • The rehabilitation can be carried out in phases, allowing the repair of critical areas, in a piecemeal manner, according to their priority;
  • This is an environmentally friendly rehabilitation, as there is no need to landfill the existing roof material;
  • The system is characterized by speed and comfort, causing no inconvenience or relevant risks to the normal operation of the business activity;
  • It benefits the performance and durability of the building.

For all the advantages listed, we recommend the use of this system in various types of construction.



Reasons why you should invest in this technique of metal roofing rehabilitation

There are several construction techniques when it comes to roofing, but this system has stood out in the rehabilitation of metal roofs because it is a fast and dynamic procedure. Nevertheless, its advantages go further:


  • They are more flexible and adapt easily to projects;
  • They can be easily installed on different types of bases;
  • They allow shorter execution times;
  • They guarantee quality;
  • They are sustainable, as they avoid the production of waste and the disposal of existing materials in landfills;
  • They allow a general reduction in costs.

Besides these benefits, and after the rehabilitation is complete, this system allows one to walk comfortably on the roof, making it flat and giving it good stability.


This method is, therefore, an excellent option, excelling in quality, resistance and ease of maintenance, which can be done quickly and without compromising the entire structure.



Prudêncio's work at Caetano Auto - Toyota of Vila Nova de Gaia
Prudêncio’s work at Caetano Auto – Toyota of Vila Nova de Gaia


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