Efficiency and Quality: Metal Roofing Rehabilitation System


The rehabilitation of all types of metal roofing is one of the areas of work that Prudêncio is most suited for, and to which it intends to devote a greater percentage of its production capacity.


This type of roofing exists mainly in large commercial and industrial areas and other services and residential buildings.


If you are looking for efficiency, explore the main advantages of this constructive solution and find out what it can do for your project.



APTIV - cobertura
Prudêncio’s work – Rehabilitation of Metallic Covering, APTIV Braga



Main advantages

The metallic roofing rehabilitation system is highly efficient, not only due to the quality of the materials used for thermal insulation and waterproofing membranes, but also because it provides total continuity in all roof elements (gutters, walls, chimneys, skylights and other elements), thus ensuring the elimination of thermal bridges and absolute watertightness.

Because it is significantly lighter, this system does not compromise structures and enables rehabilitation to be carried out in phases, making it possible to repair critical areas in stages according to priority.

Because it is not necessary to remove the existing roof, which serves as the basis for the rehabilitation solution, it satisfies two principles that we highly value:


  1. Environmental protection, as it avoids the production of waste and the disposal of existing roofing materials in landfills;
  2. It allows us to carry out the work quickly and comfortably for our customers, without disturbing or causing risks to the normal functioning of their activities, allowing rehabilitation without stopping production, sales, and without the need to remove equipment or stocks.

In addition, after the rehabilitation is complete, it can be walked on comfortably, making the roof flat and giving it good stability.



Prudêncio’s Work – Rehabilitation of Metallic Covering, Pingo Doce of Évora



Trust and Innovation

Prudêncio’s entire team has instilled the spirit of looking at our customers’ problems as our own. Therefore, we are always available for new challenges and we are proud of, on certain consultations, realizing that we are considered the only company to present solutions for complex projects that require creativity, thoroughness and delivery in their execution.


An excellent example of this is the case of the rehabilitation of the self-supporting “Blocotelha” type coverage at the Pingo Doce in Évora or the fragile and unsafe coverage in laborious corrugated aluminum sheets at the Pingo Doce in Barcelos.


Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly solutions with maximum speed and tranquility that benefit the building’s performance and promote its longevity.




Obra da Prudêncio
Prudêncio’s Work – Rehabilitation of Metallic Covering, Pingo Doce of Barcelos



How does the system work?

The system we apply is composed of thermal insulation plates and finished with the waterproofing system, placed over the metallic plates or sandwich panel existing in the roof. If necessary, this can be complemented with acoustic insulation.


The insulation we usually propose is PIR – polyisocyanurate. This is the product with the lowest thermal conductivity rate currently on the market for construction, ensuring the efficiency and thermal comfort of buildings.


These insulation panels provide fast installation as they are light and easy to adjust and apply. This is a result of the dimensions of their plates, 2.5 m x 1.2 m, when compared to other insulation, usually 1.2 m x 0.6 m, which brings more stability to the system.


The solution is finished with our KÖSTER TPO waterproofing system.  In addition to being elegant and flexible, this system is composed of membranes produced with environmentally friendly materials favoring environmental responsibility and sustainability. As a result, this product has been awarded with the Gold classification for sustainable construction by the German institute: Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

It is also extremely durable and highly resistant to UV rays, with a lifespan of more than 40 years when exposed. Discover all the unique features of this solution here.



Prudencio’s Work – Roof Rehabilitation, Zeugma



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