Prudêncio becomes part of Casa Eficiente 2020 Program


Sustainability has always been a priority for Prudêncio. In our works, we use some of the most ecological and sustainable solutions in the market. It is therefore with great pride that we are part of the Casa Eficiente 2020 program. Find out more about this program in this article.


Prudêncio - Casa Eficiente


Prudêncio has joined the directory of companies qualified for the Casa Eficiente 2020 Program. This means that we are one of the companies that intends to run operations under the Casa Eficiente 2020 Program. This project is promoted by the Portuguese State and promoted by CPCI – Portuguese Confederation of Construction and Real Estate – and includes community funds for those who want to improve the quality and efficiency of their properties.


For Prudêncio it is very positive to be able to contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance of buildings.


How does the Casa Eficiente 2020 Program work?

In practice, the program aims to grant loans, on favorable conditions, to projects that promote the improvement of the environmental performance of private housing buildings, with special focus on energy and water efficiency, as well as the management of urban waste. The interventions can focus on the building envelope and its systems.


The Program may be applied to residential building owners or their fractions, as well as their condominiums, which may be located anywhere in the national territory. The interventions can focus on private parts or common parts. Each work may include one or more interventions such as improvement of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, improvement of water efficiency, improvement of environmental performance, and management of solid urban waste.


Prudêncio - Casa Eficiente
Sustainability is one of our priority


In general, this Program aims to achieve the following results:


Environmental Aspect

  • Improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock;
  • Promote the use of renewable energy;
  • Improve the water efficiency of the housing stock;
  • Optimize the management of urban solid waste;
  • Remove materials harmful to health and the environment;
  • Increase the quality of the building and its habitability;
  • Encourage environmentally responsible behavior.

Economic Aspect

  • Stimulate civil construction;
  • Promote the entire construction sector;
  • Create employment.

Sustainability in Prudence

The concern with ecological issues is part of Prudêncio’s daily routine and, therefore, we advise our clients to adopt, whenever possible, green coverings in the renovation of the existing building and to include them in new projects. Our specialized team proposes the complete solution, from the waterproofing, insulation, and drainage system to the design and realization of the garden or green space.


To focus on the application of sustainable waterproofing solutions in our customers’ projects, we have also established partnerships with leading brands in the market, such as KÖSTER.


Environmental responsibility, sustainability and technical superiority are the pillars that underpin our partnership with this German brand. KÖSTER is one of the oldest TPO manufacturers in the world and we are the exclusive representatives and applicators in Portugal of the brand for this type of products and systems.


KÖSTER TPO waterproofing membranes are distinguished by their ecological and sustainable character as well as their efficiency and durability. These last two characteristics are also linked to sustainability since a solution that is more efficient and lasts longer prevents waste of water and materials and avoids the need for interventions.


These membranes have even been awarded a Gold rating, the highest rating for sustainable construction by the German Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU).

KÖSTER TPO membranes can be applied to roofs, terraces, water reservoirs, and other areas of a building. They are officially certified for use under ground, vegetation, and vegetables by the German Hochschule Weihenstephan Institute – Triesdorf and have FLL certification, the most demanding test for approving the use of membranes in gardens or garden roofs.


In addition, they meet the most stringent hygienic requirements for drinking water environments according to the DVGW W 270 German standards and the KTW guidelines of the Institute in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


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