Guide for a more sustainable condominium

Residential and commercial condominiums bring together a large number of people and the concern for the well being and respect for the environment is becoming more and more important in the demand for efficient services.It is no longer just a question of why but “how to do it”.


A sustainable condominium guarantees the preservation of the environment, the improvement of the quality of life of all residents, the reduction of financial expenses and the consequent valuation of the property.  Learn how to make your condominium more sustainable in the article below.




The importance of sustainability

Nowadays, there is an increasing discussion about sustainability and sustainable habits in several sectors of society. But what does it really mean to be sustainable?


Unmeasured consumption has led to drastic consequences in terms of environmental pollution and social inequality. Sustainability is one of the ways to ensure the balance between nature and society. 


Sustainability consists in the exploration and implementation of measures to conserve and maintain nature so that it can support our development. We live in a consumer society but there is a growing awareness that natural resources are not eternal and therefore we must implement sustainable measures to combat waste, pollution and unnecessary expenses without compromising the needs and resources in the future.  



Condomínio Sustentável


11 steps to have a more sustainable condominium

Awareness and concern for sustainable habits should be present in everyone’s daily life, but Condominium Management companies can take the first step, starting the debate and awareness of this issue in meetings of condominium owners. Change is most evident when it is carried out together and with the awareness that our actions determine everyone’s quality of life.


Take a look at 11 sustainable practices that you can put into practice in your condominium:




1. Install motion sensors to control the lighting in places of higher circulation: entrance, garage and exterior (complying with security standards);

2.  Use LED or fluorescent lamps ensuring energy efficiency: less consumption and more economic savings. LED lamps may seem expensive at first but the investment is compensated in the long run and has a longer lifetime than fluorescent ones;

3.  Replace the skylights of the building with tubular systems of natural lighting. Know the advantages in this article;

4. Choose light paints, preferably ecological with low emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds) for the painting of common areas so that they illuminate the environment contributing with natural light.




5.  Conduct frequent preventative maintenance to ensure that there are no leaks. If it is confirmed, seek professional help and make an inspection of the water tank, know more about this subject here;

6.  Inform people for the saving and conscious use of water through posters, or preferably online communications with simple and easy tips to put into practice;

7. Invest in water collection systems such as the installation of cisterns and reuse for the watering of plants, gardens and cleaning of common spaces.




8.  If possible, invest in efficient energy solutions such as photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and solar energy. Solar panels generate sustainable energy and can serve as a facade covering. They are also an excellent option for the heating of the swimming pool, guaranteeing not only comfort but also a significant reduction in the electricity invoice.

9.  The elevators spend a lot of energy and for this reason, encourage the residents to use the stairs, especially the lower floors. It is also important to frequently check the state of the elevator’s electrical installations avoiding loss of energy during the passage of electric current.

10. Invest in roofs and garden walls. These bring benefits not only regarding urban aspects, but also environmental, recreational and even economic. They help to moderate the temperature inside, reducing the expenses with air conditioning, among other advantages that can be consulted here



Community Organic Garden:


11.  Create a community garden benefiting the residents with healthier food and more green spaces. It is also an excellent way to promote environmental education with children. If the lack of space is a problem, there is always the possibility to use the walls and make a vertical vegetable garden.




Making a condominium more sustainable requires simpler practices than you think, but everything depends on good will, knowledge and, above all, on direct and coherent communication between the condominium members so that, together, they adopt measures for the protection and preservation of the environment with the guarantee of cost reduction for everyone.


At Prudêncio, we work with some of the most ecological and sustainable solutions on the market. We rehabilitate water tanks ensuring that they are not wasting water and that it is not contaminated.


We apply combined systems of waterproofing, thermal insulation and drainage, compatible with the creation of landscaped roofs. We are the exclusive representatives in Portugal of Koster’s TPO waterproofing membrane, distinguished by the German institute IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. – with the Gold classification, the highest classification for sustainable construction awarded by this body.


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